10 December 2005 – 1539 hrs.

This day seemingly turned out to be very quiet. First reason being that my filing has no pile-up. Another is that, I was able to do everything as per my day’s plan. Finally, I have spared time to jot down on my journal. I came back from lunch with a full tummy and I could say that it is one of those satisfying 2-hour breaks as I was able to feed my 5-month old – twice! (Happy Birthday Denahi – today!!!) and cleaned up my bigger fellow who came home from school. Whilst tucking him in bed for his daily afternoon nap, I asked him about school today and he said that his teacher taught him the ABC with a kinda cute poem in the beginning and a really new-sounding tune. Of course, how he sang it, was the cutest part. I am just so proud of him. Although he is a very mischievous and energetic child at the same time, I see to it that I make up for the time of scolding and disciplining. Besides, these are children who are in their early ages – whatever you say or do, they will somehow keep on doing what will make them the happiest.


I watch this “Super Nanny” show on MBC4 and I see a lot of strategies being put to place in keeping order at home, for example, with 3 children of 3-2-1. They show at least part of it. But after a couple of days, the “Nanny” leaves to watch the family from her monitor outside the home. It works at the time she is completely and partially involved – but the thing is, she is there. What comes after that? At the end of the day, it all still depends on the parents’ consistency and command to their children, which is basically what all her instructions are about. Sometimes, I ask myself if I am a good parent or at least together with my husband, qualified for that matter, especially on the question of rearing our children to be better people. I could honestly claim that I am not that patient. But one way or another, I live up to the demands of my job. I think I am doing pretty good. My hubby has always been very supportive in more ways than one and I do recognize the value of that. He makes a very cool Dad as well. I am more of the disciplinary mom and I will spank my children in the most appropriate way if the situtation calls for it. On the other hand, my husband is very timid, subtle and keenly aware when it comes to our kids. But unlike me, he will only burst out once and that is it.


After a day’s work, I look forward to coming home because I do not look at my motherhood as an obligation but I put sense on all the things I ought to do for my family. That brings a great deal of joy to me. Even if I tend to loose my voice at times by screaming around to scare them and make them settle down a bit, after that, the smiling faces, hugs, kisses, pillow fights, bed wrestling and “I Love you’s” are priceless moments that follow. I feel so blessed and I thank GOD I experience these everyday.


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