Whew!!! What A Day…

It was just like any other working day, which, not for long, turned out to be one of the most demanding of all. I have been in this company for more than 2 years but this is the first time my boss has ever affronted me. The good thing about him is that he never shouts (like scream from the top of his voice like most other superiors) but it was the way he blamed me for his anguish because of something that I never did after all.


Believe you me, I have had my share of ghastly bosses and I do not usually take it easy when I get mistreated. However, I also could not voice out what I feel unhesitatingly, having said that. If I feel bad, I always tell myself to calm down as this, too, shall pass. But now, na-ah…I told him off.


Having been working for this place for quite sometime, I have always identified myself to it and the chemistry between me and my UK-educated Yemeni boss is always with a good mix. I am happy. I still am. Although, the enthusiasm I had 2 years ago is much too inferior to date. Before, I would always wake up thinking about the day for the day and I carry on. But now, even before retiring at night, I worry…a lot. There are just too much of changes happening in and around the company. I cope up by and large but it’s so much so fast, it’s nuts. Hewlett Packard did not become HP overnight, in a year – they became so because they always think they needed to work on everything like…forever.


This company was one small but booming business – it built and added up other dealings to become a group in a span of a year and decisions were made hastily that one mistake after another brimmed over. So much has been said and done, the erroneous consequence is hurting the one entity that put its name in the market from the very beginning.


Now, do I hate my boss for bitching me off? Not really. I could honestly claim that I know him well. I know him too well, as a matter of fact, I can feel and read his mind. I kinda saw his outburst coming because he had a lot of pressure on his shoulders as well. Mine was just an inconvenience and moreover, I completely understand why he behaved that way. He has always been very cool with me anyway so one slip up should not hurt. Only, I don’t think I am getting my bonus this year..he-he-he

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