What the hell is the matter with our Finance people???

Sometimes, I really get to thinking – do I not speak clearly, or so, eloquently? According to the grapevine, people from our Finance Department does not get it when I say once… or twice that the boss is not in the office to sign their cheques and letters. Am I not getting through to them in any way? Evidently, they should comprehend and put sense (for once) that there is no parallel universe in between our offices that signing these cheques in a minute’s time is rationally possible. But even that does not change them at all. They will keep on swinging by the door of my office, aggravating me with their constantly annoying “are the cheques signed?” syndrome ad infinitum. Like that is enough…you think… They make me discern my intercom from the rest of the office’s in the worst manner you could ever imagine. Whenever they buzz me, a painfully deafening sound rushes up to my brain and back. That is just one time. Envisage the same thing within 8 hours, five and a half days a week for the last 2 and a half years.


As I am writing and airing this out, my credit officer called me like five times in half an hour, despite my effort of telling them that the boss is out on a far away place..he is in a meeting…he will not be back until noon…I am going ballistic…this is not acceptable anymore…what the hell is wrong with this people? Until when am I gonna have the forebearance of this “crime of ignorance”? When will it sink in? God Bless this people.

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