Whew…I thought it was all gone

UAE is one of the Islamic countries in the Gulf Coast of Asia.  I have been in it for the last 6-7 years.  I could safely assert that I am on the ball when it comes to their tradition and culture.  It is very conservative, considering that the locals and most expats are Muslims but unlike in other GCC countries, expats here are not obliged to wear the “abaya’s” and the “kundura’s”.  You can say that it is more open than that, perhaps, of Saudi Arabia.  But still, the Islamic norms have to be observed at all times.  Nope…it is not that difficult to abide by this custom.  You just have to be disciplined in all sense.  It is the usual “don’t drink and drive”, “wear your seatbelts”, “dress discretely” and yara-yara-yara.  Pornography and explicitness (esp. over the internet) is really a no-no.  This is where you find no gaps – at all.  All these nasty sites are inaccessible here.  This is why I thought my xanga site was completely gone because once I tried to access my site, it was blocked.  I tried again and again but it carried on to be like that for sometime.  It was like forever.  So, I just accepted that whilst my emotions are still retaliating coz I do not think xanga is like that.  There are just too many people who makes use of it otherwise.   My site was gone in oblivion…well, not really in oblivion but somewhere in the firewall that divides my network and the local telecommunications company here in Abu Dhabi.  When I wrote to them and commented on this, they responded that this site was not blocked in question.  Maybe, there was a problem in the proxies.  I tried a couple of times after having known that and I think the problem has something to do with some technical stuff coz up until now, I still have problems with it.  Oh, well…the important thing is I have it back and can write my heart out. 


Money is the root of all…tragedies…

Most of the whole world knows that the Philippines is one of those countries who has never-ending problems on corruption, typhoons and most of all poverty.  90% of Filipino families are “poor”.  Moreover, experts would repeatedly convey that the poor are poor because they make themselves poor.  But for the rest, we make them a lot more deperate because, aware or unaware we may be, we tend to foster “begging”.

2 days ago, a very succesful show of a big television network in the Philippines was to celebrate their long-awaited anniversary celebration, which promises a lot of contests for the general mass to join in, whilst these populace aim for cash prizes, houses & lots and passenger vehicles that they can make use of to earn a living.

3 days before the show aired, people were already falling in line with the hope to make it inside the venue first.  They lived there for days and did not leave their line- literally eating, peeing & wasting as they await on the same spot with fear of losing it, hence, losing their chance of a lifetime.  Lifetime, huh?  Yup…for each and every single soul who was there, this was a chance of a lifetime.  These poor people will do everything – enough said.

On the day of the show, after the long wait, tragedy struck…The number of people who came swarming up the place never stopped pouring, which made it impossible for security measures to cope up.  They started pressing each other from here and there, pushing, pulling, climbing up on nearby shelves to get ahead and then….they all started running in a mad dash like zebras fleeing from a a very mad lion.  The stampede killed over a hundred and left a lot with serious injuries.

Who do we blame for this?  Did the organizers miss out on putting up more security?  Did they promise too much to the people?  Is poverty taking its toll on the country that human lives have to be laid on the line?

If we start asking these question, we will be never hear the end.  I, personally was totally freaked upon seeing this on television and the cries of those who lost their loved ones are truly deafening.  I would not possibly understand how they feel and I don’t want to coz I can not even imagine how I am going to be if I was in their place.  I say my prayers for these poor souls and that they may find the freedom from the dearth that enveloped them for the longest times in their lives with – GOD, Our Father.  May their souls rest in peace….