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“What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day” by Pearl Cleage

I really dread the nights since I literally came back from vacation last January 2010.  Its bad enough that I have always been insomniac but this time, catching an eyelash is impossible almost every night.  I hate thinking and worrying about each mishap that happened (and still is happening) to me.  Being sleepless encourages idle times so I have to always be ready to divert myself.  Reading…reading is just one of the many diversions.  Through my overtly and abnormal obsession to The Twilight Saga, I hit my head and subtly lost my craze over this cheesy stuff.  I still love it though for the fact that I have read all the books and seen the movies like a million times; still awaiting Eclipse in theatres by 30 June but I have to set that aside coz 30 June also reminds me that my visit visa expires, I can no longer renew; by hook or by crook, I shall have employment. 

I started reading Pearl Cleage’s 41WQS7D5TSL in 2009, halfway, I left it in my sister’s place and forgot to claim it back for a while.  When I took my stuff out of my previous flat, I got all my books (well, my Twilight Saga books are actually with some bff’s and God knows when they would finish, lol).  In the midst, my “mare”, Beng (a college bud) lent me 2 books – Para kay B parakayb and Life of Pi.pi  


“Para kay B” (kung paano dinevastate ng pag-ibig ang 4 out of 5 sa atin “how love devastate 4 out 5 of us”) was very refreshing, Beng was right.  We have been so learned in English, let alone taught that it should be the first language in school; for a change, it is really refreshing to read in Tagalog and Ricky Lee was articulate but simple in conveying the stories.  Am I in the quota?  I D K…

Almost done with “What Looks Like…” and it has definitely given me the chance to start putting things in perspective.  Once done, I will let you know my views on it.  Next book – Life of Pi.

Earlier today, I have posted a 2-part video, short film entitled “The Butterfly Circus” on my FB profile featuring Nick Vujicic, an Aussie (originally Serbian I believe) who was born limbless, amazing human being – it has given me a boost from my depressing dailies of being a bum and helped me ignore my attempts to whine again; I am about to unfold the purpose, my purpose and the clarity of it all – why I had to go through such difficulties.  Just like what I said, I will take things one damn day at a time. 

x’s – To Beng, mare…salamat sa mga books, will return them soon.  love yah.


My Gratitude Diary 22 April 2010, UAE

Today, as of 1640 hrs., I am thankful for:

1.)  My back ache –  for it woke me up and made me realize that God has once again bestowed life on me

2.)  Errand of attesting Tess’s and her colleague’s sick leave certificate in GAHS; going to La Senza shop in Abu Dhabi Mall to return the Dhs.36/- that the sales clerk miscalculated yesterday when Bang and I bought some “stuff” from there – for it gave me the time to be “sunshined”

3.)  My sister’s sore throat (in a good way) – for she is at home with me instead of at work

4.)  My sister’s response when I asked her if she wanted me to buy food – for she is alive

5.)  My bro in law coming home from work – for he is alive

6.)  My nephew going home from school – for he is alive

7.)  Dilshan’s updated Facebook profile – for the gift of life is continuously bestowed upon him, Denahi, Papa, Mama, King, Z and the rest of the family

8.)  Internet connection in my sister’s place – for I am able to share this and much more