Just about GOD…

There is no denying that I love reading and writing.  I have read hundreds of books and have probably written, eloquently, just about everything.  Read and wrote just about everything…almost everything, except about GOD.

Everybody would have to remember receiving e-mails about God, prayers and slideshows that pertain to HIM.  There will always be this last paragraph that would say “if you are not ashamed of HIM, please forward this to all your friends in your address book; when it comes to jokes, dirty materials and games, we forward in a flash but we tend to be lazy and uninterested to forward e-mails about God.  How many times in my life did I deny this?  How many ocassions did I justify myself to the Lord?  How many of my promises to HIM have I broken? What right have I to do that?

I have been through the toughest times and I have lost a great deal of things in the last 33 years of my life.  Inspite and despite of that, I am still alive, sane, rational, loved by family and friends; I am able to meditate on the presence of GOD in my life and am able to write about it.  The time I have right now is a blessing in disguise because the usual excuse when it comes to GOD is not having the time.  I read the Bible not just because I ought to do it but because after having read about things that I have not known before (thought I knew all the significant things about the Words of God), you get hooked as much as I was when I read the Twilight Saga books.

I am the kind of person who does not waste an opportunity in telling the people I love how much I love them – my children, my parents, my siblings, my nephews, my relatives, my friends and the rest of the people who make me who I am, who makes me happy and needed. 

Now, I take this chance in telling the whole world that I love GOD; I choose HIM; I await HIS commands and I will deliver; I love GOD for He is good to me all the time, no matter what I go through, HE still carries me to a place where I can be the best regardless in good or bad times; HE equips me with weaponry that will ensure my victory against my enemies; I believe in HIS son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit…the Holy Triune God.  I need not fear anything because I have HIM in my midst; HE hears my prayers and teaches me to be patient.  I believe that HE is not done with me yet and I know that nothing happens by accident.  Everything that happens to me is the result of what GOD has planned for me.  I admit that I may not be an over-religious person and I do not want to pretend that I can commit to a weekly bible study but, there is no law that says I can not praise HIM in my own quiet time.  There is no pretending with HIM anyway and with HIM, only can I be the real me – no inhibitions, no fabrications, no manipulations.  I cry to HIM just as I cry to my father and mother.  Because of HIS teachings, I honour my parents.  HE is the only One – the beginning and the end.  Without HIM, I am nothing and with HIM, I can do anything.  Everything is possible with HIM as HE has always made happen for me.  I thank HIM for the gift of time and realization that no matter what I lost, I did not lose my GOD forever.


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