I’m doing just fine…

I may be procrastinating a lot these days but it’s kinda helping me more put things in perspective.  As ironic as that may sound, it’s actually true.  Perhaps, I have already embraced the idea of change; it is inevitable so might as well embrace it.  Now, more than ever, I am feeling a sense of peace and a great deal of hope.  I remember a part of a prayer I have always said:  “Jesus, I know, You are not done with me yet…” and indeed, He wasn’t.  He is turning my life around and I am celebrating His blessings by being calm and real, not ideal.  I am not overwhelmed by jumping for joy but I do so by closing my eyes and saying my “thank you’s” to HIM all chance I get.

Problems do not go away and they still keep me up, sleepless at certain nights but the peace…oh, peace, is finally there.  I am doing just fine and it is all because of the Holy Triune God. Jesus fills me with His Holy Spirit everyday and makes me closer to God every living breath I take.

My whole family, including my hubby, was sick since last week until over the weekend.  We all went to the doctor on Wednesday night and got (a lot of) medicine prescriptions.  Oh well, if we want to get better…although confined in our Dubai haven the whole weekend, it was a happy and contented one.  I was just happy to share it with him and the boys.

I am missing him.  These past couple of weeks of spending weekends together is making me realize a great deal of things.  It is easier to talk to him, easier to fight and make up with him; still sensing a bit if inhibitions but I am willing to take baby steps for now happy

For today, I am thankful to GOD for:

1.)The gift of life for me and my family esp my children

2.)Our safe arrival from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

3.)For healing from our colds, flu and throat infections

4.)For our jobs incl Yohan’s and stability in it

5.)My family

6.)My friends esp. M&P and Noems

7.)House MD that I can download through Torrents

8.)For our gadgets and phones

9.)For all my senses working

10.)For the checklist that I was able to prepare even though after 2 tasks, I procrastinated again

11.)The Bible readings I get in my inbox and through the internet

12.)My children passing their entrance exam in Dubai Scholars

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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