My Gratitude Diary – Mon, 16 July 2012

I thank you, Almighty Father for each and every single blessing that You bestow upon me and my family by the second, by the minute, by the hour, by the days, weeks, months and year…

1.)  I thank you for the recently concluded birthday celebration of my Denahi; for the bonus that both my husband and I got from our companies and that we had resources to use for our everyday needs and for this particular celebration.

2.)  I thank you everyday for the gift of life you bless us with everyday

3.) I thank you for the summer vacation and that we were able to stay here in Abu Dhabi and I got rested from traveling for a while

4.) I thank you for Yohan’s new job

5.) I thank you for my job

6.) I thank you for the wisdom, the strength, the experience, the knowledge

7.) I thank you for turning my life around

8.) I thank you for the rationality, sensibility and sanity

9.) I thank you for Papa, Mama, Bang, King, Ryan, Wilson, J, Z, my Yohan, Dilshan and Denahi, most of all

10.) I thank you for Your Presence in our midst 24/7

11.) I thank you for the forgiveness

12.) I thank you for all my friends and for the goodness in our working environment in Fast

13.) I thank you for the break You have given to Yohan

14.) I thank you for this day

I love You Lord 🙂