how it will all start…

I am married to a Sri Lankan working in Kandy; both my kids go to school in Dehiwela and it is inevitable that I join them sooner rather than later…

Mrs. Tala Supangco-Ocampo's blog and my local kisses treat

Mrs. Tala Supangco-Ocampo’s blog and my almost- finished pack of local kisses treat


I am on my annual vacay extension right now after 3 weeks of being with my hubby and my 2 boys, but will be flying back to Abu Dhabi on the 9th of Sept; no more further extension as apparently, my company still needs me.  Although, that doesn’t help one bit with my dilemma.  Up until this morning, in the midst of praying to God for enlightenment and clarity of mind, heart and soul; I still didn’t know how to make of my plans of setlting down in Sri Lanka…I say yes, no doubt, just because of my worrying for my kids.  Thank God for my discovering this blog by Mrs. Tala Supangco – Ocampo (or now known as Mommy T Coach ) entitled Livin’ La Vida Lanka.  The initial plan was to research on the Filipino community here in Sri Lanka but got so engrossed with reading up her entries, that, in browsing through, gave me the information I needed anyway.

She was a resident of Colombo for nearly 2 years and she has accounted all her adventures and misadventures of living in the tear-drop island in her blog. She was, in 2010, newly-married to her Filipino husband who got a one-of-a-kind assignment in old Ceylon.  It has been a cliche that a husband and wife should be physically together to make the marriage work, al the more for newly-weds and for “T”, she is not the same without her hubby; bottom line is she wants and needs to be with her husband wherever that may be; hence, the move.  That is how it starts for me…reading her blog almost the whole day (ditched my light house cleaning for today, lol).  a blog and an almost completely consumed pack of kisses (merengue cookies) after, it finally dawned on me…I want and need to be where my boys are, even if it means settling down as a Kandyan…once and for all and very soon at that.

I love writing and keeps me sane as well so I thought to vent via blogging and hopefully reach out to people – friends, families, perhaps, future acquaintances and friends in Sri Lanka who can help me through and share wisdom on how to take on this new challenge.  Today, I finally learned to accept it; tomorrow and the days to come, I will keep making peace with the fact that this is where I want to be – with my husband and my 2 sons no questions asked.  But I know it will be an ongoing ordeal especially until I have finally rid of all the negative and think of rather the positive side of this circumstance.  I may be going back to the UAE for now but that marks the start of my journey to return and finally embrace my second home – Sri Lanka.