Read: Gone Girl

I posted a Facebook status saying “shan’t and can’t put it down now” reading Gillian Flynn’s supposed best-seller.


It was because I was both prematurely celebrating knowing I had the ending figured out (at this point  I couldn’t literally put the book down) and I wanted to finish reading and see the movie trailer already (starring Ben Affleck to be shown in October this year).  For those who are yet to read it, I do not intend to spoil it for you but there was no jaw-dropping incidents to be honest.  It wasn’t also definitely not a feel good book, na-uh, but I thought the story was so twisted and sick for it’s own good. Read it in a course of 2 weeks till about half an hour past 12 mn ago and made it through some boring stuff, which of course is necessary to be read. It’s like watching through all episodes of #GameOfThrones – the boring and long but imperative conversations that needed to be really listened to and understood; sickening brutality; the almost inappropriate sexual encounters; the relentless violence; blood; guts; blood and more guts but without the #redwedding in the finale or #Joffrey being poisoned or the head of #PrinceOberyn getting crushed by #TheMountain . I felt like my adrenaline and holding my breath in anticipation was not redeemed; same way goes to both Nick and Amy Dunne – no redeeming light for these 2. Eh! Just saying…even if it’s not to my satisfaction, I  read a book nyways and this is my own prerogative. Others may like it more than I did. Now lemme a Kinsella to feel better. Cheers!