Stupid is as Stupid does

“Forrest Gump” never gets old.  I may have seen this movie like a gazillion times but I still find myself stop to flicker on the remote control if I catch it on a movie tv channel everytime. It’s one of those many outside factors that put me in my place especially when my pettiness acts up. 


It always make me think what if I understood things the way Forrest did – that life is indeed simple; that I can do things on faith without rationalizing and over analyzing; getting through something without too much questioning and arguing. I believe in my heart that there are no stupid people in this world, not in this lifetime anyway. I just know that people tend to do stupid things when there is too much of emotions in play, one of many imperfections, either being too in love or too greedy or too excited; falling in and out of love too fast, never being satisfied of what you are and what you have will put you in situations where you will need to decide to roughen it up or take the easy way out. Sometimes, those easy ways lead to the wrong, moreso, disaster. I found myself compromised in more ways than just a couple coz I did not listen to the whispers that it may be stupid or wrong. I am in continuous pursuit of doing things differently. Easier said than done though, plus the cinematics make you feel it is easy. However, believing that it is so is not impossible. Right now, I take one damn day at a time; I do my utmost to be grateful every chance I take and I look forward to what tomorrow brings. Besides, life is like a box of chocolates…